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Testimonials for SIEGEL GULLO, Attorneys

When I was younger and used to get into trouble, I always called Harvey Siegel and he got me out of it every time. When I wanted my daughter to live with me full-time, I called Harvey Siegel and he got me custody. When I fell at work, I called Harvey Siegel and I was awarded more than $1,000,000.00. I tell everyone-if you need help, you have to call Harvey Siegel!

Mark (Client - Elma)

Through Mr. Siegel’s guidance, perseverance, integrity, dedication and determination he has proven very successful in assisting me. Harvey’s commitment to my situation has been beyond impressive and the sense of security I feel when I know he is on the case is a comfort beyond words.

I knew that choosing my lawyer would be a decision that would forever impact and change my life. I have never doubted my decision to be represented by Mr. Siegel’s law firm and I feel that everything has been for the better, as a result of my choice. I thank him and his staff for being so supportive and considerate.

I have referred several of my family and friends to his office and I know that they will be treated with the same care and respect that I have received.

Michelle (Client - Orchard Park)

Harvey is knowledgeable and compassionate: he not only knows his work and cases, but has a clear way of explaining the law to make it less intimidating.

Nancy (Client - Buffalo)

Harvey is an excellent attorney, He has done an outstanding job for every client that I have referred to him.

Chuck (Attorney - Buffalo)

I am a former client of Mr. Siegel and he handled my divorce with the utmost in professional and legal services. I know divorce is hard, and it can be emotionally taxing and terribly difficult, even if it’s for the best. Mr. Siegel makes the process understandable and calm, and he takes the trouble to intelligently explain what is going on. He fought hard for what I needed. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needed his services, whether it is for a divorce or any other matter.

Larry (Client and Attorney - Buffalo)

Harvey did an excellent job representing me during my divorce. The end result was better than I ever expected. He did a complete job and had all our facts together each time we went to court. I have recommended Harvey to several of my friends since.

Doug (Client - Tonawanda)

Harvey F. Siegel, Esq. has been above and beyond the average attorney regarding my divorce case. He was professional yet compassionate during the many difficult family court proceedings. Since the divorce, I have used him on several other issues regarding my youngest son and he duplicated his professional and compassionate ways once again. I consider him not only my attorney buy more important a friend now.

Jim (Client - Buffalo)

Harvey is like a manic dog with a bone. He will never give up and seriously make you question your career choice if you are opposing counsel."

Carla (Attorney - Buffalo)

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